On-Site Wastewater Management

Designs for eco and passive including subsurface flow wetlands (reedbeds), sandfilters, composting toilets and gravity disposal to mechanical treatment and irrigation designs

Contaminated Land Assessments

Under State Planning Policy (SEPP) 55 for all new Development Applications where historic land use is required to be considered for possible contamination. Undertake all aspects, soil sampling, reporting, remediation and validation. Single dwelling developments to service station sites.

Noise Impact Assessments

Monitoring and assessment in accordance with the Industrial Noise Policy and Council Guidelines addressing impacts from possible noise sources including traffic/road, macadamia plantations and music festivals.

Soil and Water Management Plans

In accordance with the Office of Environment and Heritage requirements. For control of soil and erosion, design of sediment ponds, swales and completion of management plans

Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE)

Planning document for the submission of development applications for Council for houses, dual occupancies, subdivisions including Torrens, strata and community title

BASIX Certificates

In accordance with NSW Planning and Infrastructure, for dwellings and dual occupancies.

Drafting Services

General house drafting service for house plans using 3D modeling software ChiefArchitect and 2D AutoCad

Landscaping Plans

General landscaping details providing plant list and management guide